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Monday, September 25, 2017


I’ve done one of these posts in the past and y’all really enjoyed it! It’s essentially a roundup of some things I’ve been loving and talking about it a little bit more in-depth than I usually would. It was a super fun idea created by one of my all-time favorite bloggers, Mechanize Horan, and is something that I love reading on her blog!

With college being in full swing right now, I thought it would be fun to do this more often and talk about things that have really been big in my life right now!!

Listening… When studying for exams and just doing homework, I am a big fan of listening to music. I usually can't-do classical music or anything without words, but I have been playing Arctic Monkeys and The Weekend on repeat!

Loving… Dry Bar Whipped Dry Shampoo is amazing!! I am such a big fan of dry shampoo since it’s effortless and easy to use, but sometimes I don’t like the spray on and the color to my hair. I picked up this whipped version (essentially a mousse) and it works so much better!

Reading… Anything Refinery 29 for Fashion Weeks! (Plus who can’t stop reading about the Versace Milan show!)

Wanting… I’ve been eyeing these Charleston sweatshirts sold at Skinny Dip. They are so darling and simple and perfect with jeans and a tee shirt for fall!

Watching… Anything on Bravo TV. Fun fact about me is that I watch all of the Bravo shows constantly, and are always my go-to’s!

Wearing… my linen J.Crew tank tops constantly. Plus they are all on sale!!

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