Saturday, September 23, 2017

Simply Saturday V. 31

Happy Satur-YAY!!

I couldn't be more happy that the weekend is finally here! I've had a super draining week filled with three tests and a ton of projects to work on. But none the less, I'm remaining pretty sane and just taking it day by day. Most of the reason why this week was so hectic was due to Hurricane Irma from two weeks ago. Charleston County and College of Charleston ended up evacuating from Irma and leaving us to be incredibly backed up once we got back to school last Thursday. It's been a week since being back at school since the disaster, but at least everything s going well! Right now we are just crossing our fingers that Hurricane Maria won't come near us and have to miss more school again and stop hurting everything! I'll give y'all updates if anything else happens!


New Evelyn Henson Prints | I am a big fan of Evelyn Henson and her designs! She has the most fun and beautiful prints that I've seen and always brings joy! She has a series on her shop where she does maps of different cities and adds so much color and happiness to them! She recently just added 10 new cities and I've already purchased some!!

Trunk Club by Nordstroms | This is something that I just got introduced to and I'm in love! Nordstroms has this service where you can get paired up with a stylist and they help pick out clothes for your style. They then can ship them to you in the right sizes and you can keep them! All you pay is a $25 styling fee and then the rest you just pay for the clothes individually. This is such a fun way to find some great pieces for fall!

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