Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sun Protection

I’m super big on skincare and taking good care of my skin. I shared my skincare routine during the summer but actually was missing one major thing…. Sun protection!! This something new I added to my everyday routine as of a couple of weeks ago and I’m already seeing a difference! 

    One of my key things when it comes to protecting your skin from UV light is to really be constant. In the beginning of getting the hang of applying the sunscreen, I would always forget. I would put in next to my daily moisturizer for the day, but it never would get touched. One day I went to the beach and I ended up grabbing my Glossier one (super portable and easy to travel with) and loved the smell of it and how easy it was to apply. Since then I have been collecting different products and getting used to it.

Since I’ve been in college, I have been only using my Glossier sunscreen. It's super easy and only needs a little to go a long way for each day. During the summer I was really into any of Clinique’s products and Jack Black’s items. I listed some of my favorites below, but please let me know what some of your favorites are too!

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