Monday, February 5, 2018

January Favorites 2018

January is always a great time of year to try new things. I keep a running list of products and companies that I want to try and aim to always purchase them at the beginning of the year. My three biggest things that I wanted to get were a good everyday jacket, nighttime skin care, and a good notebook. I tested a few products from those three categories and ended up loving what I tested! Of course, you can find these at the bottom, along with a few others that I enjoyed this month!

J.Crew Sweater Blazer | This jacket, I had a really hard time deciding if I would love it or not. I've seen it at the store when I work constantly, but never knew if it would fit my style. I purchased it right before Christmas Eve and haven't stopped wearing it since! I love how much of a professional yet clean look it gives you, while still being warm. I went for the camel color which I love!

Appointed Notebook | Oddly enough, I have been eyeing this notebook for a while. I've seen it on a couple of my favorite Instagrammers profiles and love how clean it looks. I picked one up from Mac & Murphy last week and haven't stopped using it since! I love brainstorming ideas and writing my daily to do's in it!

Care of Vitamins | One of my new year resolutions was to start taking better care of my self and getting into vitamins. I've always opted for the gummy ones at the drugstore, but never have taken any actual serious ones. I had heard of Care Of Vitamins in the past and decided to take them up on their service. Boy, do I love it! I'm currently on a 30-day streak of taking my vitamins and I'm in love. I'm going to be doing a post all about my experience and why I love them in the next few weeks, so say tuned!

Mario Badescu Cleanser | My cousin gave me this cleaner a couple of months back, and have been using it on and off since. I've heard nothing but good things about Mario Badescu products, and this definitely does justice. It's a very clean and basic cleanser but definitely has an exfoliating side to it. I only use it two to three times a week because it can start becoming too harsh on my skin.

Pixi Beauty Sleep Creme | I'm a sucked for anything skincare, and Pixi has been one of my favorites for a while. I spotted this cream at Target and thought I would give it a chance. It's for sure a good pick if you want a lightweight cream at night, but it smells amazing!! It has a super relaxing smell that honeslty is perfect when you are going to sleep.

DryBar Mini Hairbrush | Lately my hair has started to become a tad bit tamer with the lessened humidity here in Charleston. I usually always have this little bush with me just in case, but never put use to it. In the past couple of weeks, I've been using it after my workouts and it does wonders on my curls! I'm a big fan of the full sized brush for everyday use, but this is the perfect on the go brush.

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