Monday, February 12, 2018

Staying Healthy in College

One of my new year resolutions for the past two years has been to really go through my life decisions and starting things of healthier alternatives. Last year I really took that leap and found a workout that I adore (read all about it here!) and really ran with it. 

When coming to college, things shifted a bit. Of course, college is a little bit more difficult to really stick to a routine and what you want from your goals. These last few months though, I have really cracked down on what I really wanted to see a change in my life and have definitely have seen a change. Most of these come from small little goals that I wanted to explain a little more!

| Finding a Workout Routine |

     Like I said before, last year I really found my love for barre classes. I am a huge Bar Method fan and love my home studio, and really didn't know what I would do workout wise in Charleston. I have a lot of injuries that make it hard for me to do running and high impact things. I ended up giving Pure Barre a try when I first got here and honestly, wasn't a fan. It's a tad bit different then Bar Method in so many different ways. At the end of December, I ended up giving them a second try and now I can't stop going! I think that I forgot how much I love doing barre classes and I missed it so much that I really changed my attitude about Pure Barre. Currently, I'm on a 23-day streak of going to Pure Barre and feel amazing! Up next on my list is to try a local pilates class!

| Water Bottle always with you |

     I have to admit, but I am a major soda drinker. I've always been one since I was little and is something that I haven't been able to control until now. I always have my S'well bottle filled with ice cold water, and I have forced myself to stop buying soda unless I'm eating out (which is only on the weekends). I have seen such a big difference in my urge to drink it for the past couple of months, and it's something that I really want to continue forward.

| Healthy Snacks |

     Healthy snacks are something that I have really started incorporating more into my eating habits. I wish I could keep carrots and produce in our mini fridge, but it's really not an easy thing to do. Lately, I have been ordering big bags of my favorite snacks like veggie sticks and popcorn. At least every day, I grab a ziplock bag and put a little of each and take it on the go! This really helps me resist the urge to purchase snacks and such when being out and about.

| Meal Routine |

    I am incredibly thankful that College of Charleston has a dining hall catered to people with a vegetarian, kosher, or vegan food restrictions. It's open to everyone and I didn't discover it until the week before finals in December. Since then, I only eat there since it's portioned out rather than the regular dining hall where it's buffet style. I only eat there for lunch and dinner and have a regular routine planned out of what I eat from there and balance it out. I think finding what works best for you with your classes and such is something that I really enjoy having control of and healthy alternatives. 

What are some of your tips for being healthy?

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