101 in 1001

Start Date: September 8th, 2014
End Date: June 5th, 2017
{  46/101} 
Personal ( 9/25)
1. Read 10 Classic Books ( /10)
2. Get my License
3. Finish Decorating in my room
4. Complete a Study Bible
5. Get all three of my splits
6. Have a Spa Day
7. Learn how to make Macarons
8. Take a Summer Dance Intensive
9. Volunteer at a Hospital
10. Try 15 DIY Projects (3 /15)
11. Go to bed at 10 pm for two whole weeks
12. Go to a bible study class
13. Throw a party for my friends
14. Create a New Years Resolutions and actually stick to it
15. Go to a college football game
16. Do Nutcracker and/or the Spring Ballet
17. Learn how too successfully walk in heels
18. Buy a Lilly Pulitzer Dress
19.  Throw a party for my birthday
20. Go to a Religious Camp for a week
21. Go on Pointe!  (September 8th, 2014)
22. Learn how to ice skate
23. Go on a scavenger hunt
24. Give 6 “just because” gifts
25. Read all of the books in my book case

School (7/17)
1. Be happy with my semester grades
2. Become Board Member of a club   (President of my own club!)
3. Take a trip to the East Coast to visit Colleges
4. Get an Internship   (September 24th, 2014)
5. Go to a medical intensive
6. Get accepted into a National Honors Society of some sort
7. Run for office 
8. Shadow a doctor
9. Graduate High School!
10. Get Accepted into one of my top Universities
11. Take a college level class
12. Attempt to start a club 
13. Create a Summer Reading Book List & Complete
14. Visit at least 7 college campuses 
15. Get my first job
16. Do all my homework and studying on Friday so that I have Saturday and Sunday free for three weeks in a row
17. Be featured in the school yearbook other than my school picture

Family & Friends (5/10)
1. Complete a Color Run w/ some friends
2. Try a Yoga Class with a friend
3. Have a family portrait ( with all of my family)
4. Try a Palliates Class 
5. “The Wedding of the Year”
6. Redo the Patio with mi madre
7. Go on a family trip
8. Go kayaking with the family

9. Go out of state with my friends
10. Family Reunion?

My Blog (13/16)
1. Create a Blogging Series   (October 2014, A Week With Sophia)
2. A post dedicated to my blogs photographers :)  ( January 12th, 2015)
3. Day to Day Vlog about a trip
4. Get a Sponsor
5. Create a REAL blog signature  (January 2015)
6. Update my About Me Page  (November 2014)
7. Get Business Cards
8. Have a giveaway
9. Attend a Blogging Event/ Participate
10. Meet another fellow blogger
11. Create an Award
12.  Do something special for my Blogging Birthday
13.  Create a online bloggers event of some sort
14. Go through a month without actually missing/skipping a blog post
15. Get my blog redone professionally 
16. Create a tag

Traveling (4/14)
1. Visit the 4 Corners
2. Take a trip with a friend
3. Visit Washington DC in the Spring or Fall
4. Take a Cruise
5. Visit Florida
6. Go back to Haiti to visit family
7. Explore Seattle, Washington
8. Take a girls weekend
9. Spend time in Arizona with my cousin
10. Travel to a new country
11. Travel to a new state
12. Stay a night in Catalina Island 
13. Monetary Bay
14. Stay in Malibu for a weekend

For Fun (8/19)
1. Go to a MGMT or Empire of the Sun Concert

2. Take a bike ride to Santa Monica
3. Paint my nails every week for a whole month
4. Get a 2nd Passport
5. Go golfing 
6.  Go to A Baseball Game
7. Visit the Botanical Gardens
8. Start a Garden
9. Read 30 Minutes each night for a month
10. Go standup paddle bording
11. Meet a Sea Lion ( actually touch )
12. Have a pen pal
13. Movie Premier
14. Have a lemonade stand
15. Send a message in a bottel
16. Do something fun for New Years Eve
17. Carnival in Haiti

18. Watch a sunset on the beach
19. Rock Climbing

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